MCS 275: Programming tools and file management

David Dumas

University of Illinois at Chicago
Spring 2022

About the course

This course is a second semester of study in introductory computer science, designed for students who have completed CS 107, CS 109, CS 111, or MCS 260.

In this course we focus on learning the Python programming language more deeply, including the use of popular add-on modules for API development, databases, and data science. We also cover some fundamental data structures and algorithms and their implementation in Python.

This is the public archival site for course materials from Spring 2021. The course site was originally located in UIC's Blackboard Learn LMS.




All are optional.

Example programs

Many MCS 275 lectures involved constructing programs or iPython notebooks from scratch to demonstrate course material.

These can be found in the course GitHub repository.

Lecture slides

Slides are available as HTML or PDF.

Some lectures have associated sample programs or data files. There is a GitHub repository that includes all of the sample programs. In the list below, the name of the sample program is a link to view the source code on GitHub (where there is nice syntax highlighting). The adjacent [⤓] link will download the source directly.


The worksheets and solutions can also be found in the GitHub repository.


The course included a weekly homework assignment collected using GradeScope. Solutions can be found here and in the GitHub repository.


These documents describe the four larger coding projects assigned during the semester. The first three projects have fixed specifications and solutions are provided.
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