MCS 260: Introduction to Computer Science

Emily Dumas

University of Illinois at Chicago
Fall 2021

About the course

This course is an introduction to computer science that assumes no prerequisite knowledge of computer programming or computer science concepts. The course focuses primarily on teaching the basics of the Python programming language (version 3), and discussing some of the concepts from computer science that are encountered along the way.



Primary text

Slides and sample code

Slides are available as HTML or PDF.

Some lectures have associated sample programs. There is a GitHub repository that includes all of the sample programs. In the list below, the name of the sample program is a link to view the source code on GitHub (where there is nice syntax highlighting). The adjacent [⤓] link will download the source directly.


The worksheets and solutions can also be found in the GitHub repository.


The course included a weekly homework assignment collected using GradeScope. Solutions to most of the quizzes can be found here and in the GitHub repository.


These documents describe the four larger coding projects assigned during the semester. The first three projects have fixed specifications and solutions are provided.
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