MCS 260: Introduction to Computer Science

David Dumas

University of Illinois at Chicago
Fall 2020

STOP! If you are a student in the course, go to the MCS 260 site in Blackboard Learn now. Everything you need to participate in the course is found there.

This public web site provides a persistent archive of the course materials. During the semester, it will not necessarily be updated as often as the official course site. However, unlike the Blackboard Learn site, it will remain accessible after the course ends.

About the course

This course is an introduction to computer science that assumes no prerequisite knowledge of computer programming or computer science concepts. The course focuses primarily on teaching the basics of the Python programming language (version 3), and discussing some of the concepts from computer science that are encountered along the way.





The course includes a weekly quiz administered and collected on gradescope. Some of these quizzes are completed entirely online through gradescope. Others use a PDF template, and those templates can be found below.


Descriptions of the four coding projects will be posted here as they are available.
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